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  • Tattoo Charlie's by Britt Selvitelle
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    Originally I wanted a tattoo of my tattoo artist giving me the tattoo itself but he said “boundaries” and demanded I peruse the tattoo photographs cascading down his ...

    On October 9, 2016 / By
  • Memo by Michael Cory
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    Note from Management

    Please, remember to leave the poem the way you found it. Photo “Memo” by Michael Cory ; licensed under CC BY 2.0 ...

    On October 9, 2016 / By
  • Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 9.33.47 PM
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    A portrait in comics of an unexpected subculture in Vermont ...

    On October 2, 2016 / By
  • innocents-and-others
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    Innocents and Others, by Dana Spiotta

    In much of her fiction, Dana Spiotta has focused on relationships among friends and family, with their frustrations, recriminations and nearly incurable optimisms. In her current novel, Innocents ...

    On September 27, 2016 / By
  • Footprint II by Fran Tapia
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    I’m not sure why I chose Howie Herskovisy to be my partner in solving mysteries. Perhaps it was because, a year younger than me and living one very ...

    On September 24, 2016 / By
  • Fortune Cookie, with Pan-Cultural Advice
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    “Screw the Pooch”: Pan-Cultural Advice

    Dear Pan, I have two best friends, Ginny and Maria. We live in the same neighborhood. Our kids play together. Last Wednesday I happened to be looking out ...

    On September 18, 2016 / By
  • 2886017988_1c0433ab70_z
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    Far in the Hole

    An out-take from the acclaimed novel Heat and Light. Jennifer Haigh: In drafting a novel, I give myself permission to follow every thread of story that fascinates me. ...

    On August 28, 2016 / By
  • Blackboard by Bjørn Egil Johansen
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    Will You Line Up the Children?

    For pigtails, balance beams, cracks to break your mother’s back. Everything, lines. I wrote loops, not over and over but forward and forward and my line was a ...

    On August 14, 2016 / By
  • PAX East 2015 by Cathy Smith
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    On Video Games: Career Notes for Writers

    Every year PAX East, the biggest video game convention on the East Coast, hosts a panel about breaking into games journalism. It’s a chance for editors and writers accustomed ...

    On August 13, 2016 / By
  • Photo by Sonny Abesamis
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    When the old designer store downtown went out of business and was razed to the ground, the moldy crater where it had stood was adorned with posters illustrating ...

    On July 31, 2016 / By
  • Photo by vasse nicolas,antoine
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    The babies made me invincible. Even as they slept, they protected me. Even as they slept, I could stomach the dark. I could walk up the stairs, lights ...

    On July 17, 2016 / By
  • Sunset Helicopter by Marc Dalmulder
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    Sunsets of Tulum

    -an excerpt- Day Zero In the Chopper As Reed Haflinger shivered near the door in the Beverley airport lobby, he promised himself he would never let Dan talk him ...

    On July 8, 2016 / By