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    Answering Alternative Facts with Fiction

    There is a sense, this week, with Trump’s shifting stories on his payout to Stormy Daniels, of a crescendo in the administration’s run of obvious falsehoods. What’s striking ...

    On May 11, 2018 / By
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    Ask Annie: Imagining Fiction

    Anne Bernays has been a mainstay of Pangyrus since our launch–and a mainstay of fiction and non-fiction writing for decades.  Co-author of What If?, one of the most enduring texts ...

    On May 7, 2018 / By
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    The Ghosts We Carry with Us

    When I told my father that I was visiting Montgomery, his only reaction was fear — a bone-deep memory of water hoses and fire bombings, billy clubs and rough nooses. ...

    On May 6, 2018 / By
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    Father’s French Fries

    As a child in Cuba I couldn’t stop eating my father’s French fries. Once I caught a glimpse of him in our small kitchen, skimmer in hand, eyes ...

    On April 6, 2018 / By
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    Joyce Leblanc is standing at the central island of her kitchen, regretting her choice of white granite over the composite the contractor recommended. Smack in the middle a ...

    On April 6, 2018 / By
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    Liver and Onions

    In third grade, I was assigned as homework to prepare my favorite meal for my family. I chose to make liver and onions. An odd selection for an ...

    On April 5, 2018 / By

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    This Gesture

    Look what we have here: some books bought with a student’s savings, as if land purchased for a house that you might never build. Plato, Hegel, The Marxist ...

    On March 11, 2018 / By
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    Nil Nisi of the Dead

                           —variously attributed to Diogenes and Chilon 1. Nothing but good: that’s what I’ve always read. They never ...

    On February 11, 2018 / By
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    Acta Diurna

    Hover your mouse over a line to reveal the text. If you’re using a touchscreen device, touch any line.   In the storm scene, when the lake bursts. ...

    On January 7, 2018 / By

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