We publish well-crafted, thought-provoking writing and multimedia storytelling in every genre. Short stories, investigative reporting, reviews, essay and memoirs, flash fiction, poetry, journalism, short documentary film and visual arts, just to name a few. If you think our readers will find it entertaining and compelling, send it our way. We read every submission that we get with fresh eyes and an open mind. If your piece is what we’re looking for, our editors will work with you one-on-one to polish your work and get it ready for publication.

How to submit:

Submit via the form found here.

You may upload a file or paste your submission directly in the form.

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ENHANCED SUBMISSIONS.   We also offer authors the option of learning what our editors are saying about their work. What made the difference between acceptance and rejection?  Was the piece close?  This isn’t a thorough critique or workshop feedback, but insight into what we feel is often a too-mysterious realm:  the way editors actually view a piece’s publishability.

We can’t offer this option at no cost; we have to compensate our editors for the extra time they spend communicating with authors.  We are pricing it at $15; for that amount you get a speedy learning experience.

It’s important to understand that you aren’t getting any advantage in getting accepted.  Our standards remain exactly the same.  We are offering this as a strictly optional educational service, not as any sort of thumb on the scale of regular submissions.

If you do get accepted, we will of course refund you your money.

How to proceed?  Simply tell us in your submission email that you’re interested.  We’ll respond with an invoice and contract, one that among other things holds us to a date by which we promise to get back to you.

NEW!   Nominate your favorite under-appreciated author. 

Submissions systems often discourage exactly the writers we should be hearing more from.  Do you know writers whose work deserves a wider audience?  Tell us about why you believe in them, and how we can reach them.  We’ll send an invitation to submit.  This is not a guarantee of publication–but it’s a guarantee of our fullest attention.  And it sends a message: someone who knows their work cares about its fate.