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    Get Off My Lawn

    The yell that arose from the shallow grave at the base of my brain to interrupt my son as he reached for the late lone tulip— death-vaunting goth ...

    On September 13, 2020 / By
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    Into Love

    Every kiss that was ever kissed— every smile, every baby’s delight, a first step, a face that hides and comes back, a belly laugh—   every morning of ...

    On September 6, 2020 / By
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    Black Hole Beheld

      Image: “Black Hole Image Makes History” NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Photostream, licensed under CC 2.0.   Michael Leach: I was inspired to write the poem ‘Black ...

    On August 30, 2020 / By

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    Pandemic Story Problems

    1. Mariah gets a temporary job that pays her $1 on Day One. On the second day, her pay is doubled to 2 dollars. Her daily wage doubles ...

    On September 8, 2020 / By
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    Seeing Red

    How long has that bicycle been out there he asks his wife. She’s still seated at the breakfast table, slapping around the morning paper. He’s peering through the ...

    On August 23, 2020 / By
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    The Way Things Are

    … And, in the spring— as soon as possible, when the ground was just warming, the snow melting down all the sewers and into the ponds and the ...

    On August 4, 2020 / By

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