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Redeem Your Zoom Passover: Open the Kitchen Door

A Passover Seder is a festival of guests. It’s a gathering of extended family, a circling of friends to re-tell the story of the...

Black Hole Beheld

  Image: "Black Hole Image Makes History" NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Photostream, licensed under CC 2.0.   Michael Leach: I was inspired to write the poem ‘Black...

COVID Diaries

A comics glimpse into a year like no other

A Modest Proposal for The Greene New Deal for Education

Marjorie Taylor Greene now represents my home state of Georgia in the U.S. Congress. Unfortunately, radical far-left transgender communists in the Deep State have...

Ask Annie: Truth or Fiction?

Anne Bernays has been a mainstay of Pangyrus since our launch–and a mainstay of fiction and non-fiction writing for decades.  Co-author of What If?, one of...

Dear Pan: Coronavirus Spoil Sport

We love advice columns.  But so much of what passes for advice is really the conventional wisdom of one particular culture, at one moment...


I don’t believe in psychics, but I might owe something to one. Before my mother was born, my grandmother Jo had her fortune told by...

Letter to the Future


Flower Eyes

The goat was the tricky bit. The bath had been easy. Her maid hadn’t even thought the request strange. “The mistress were only brush and petals...

The Diversion


The Cowboy Channel

Simple Math


From childhood, on Pitkin and Easton Avenue, I have not been As others were: I have not seen— Portals eclipsed by the clamor of the boulevard,...

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