The Dark Side of Green Energy

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Alex C. Eisenberg:

I created these pieces during a bout of writer’s block after I returned from the Protect Thacker Pass camp, which stands in protest of an ecologically and culturally disastrous lithium mine in northern Nevada. While I am a poet by nature, my passion for resisting the mine, and my fear over what would happen to that incredible land eclipsed my ability to express what I was feeling and what I had learned about the dark side of green energy.

Collaging helped me bypass that stuckness and weave my care and new understandings into art. I created these for myself, to help process what was stuck inside me, festering as depression. But now that these pieces will be published, I hold the genuine hope that they will help people be more willing to look at the inconvenient truth that “green” high tech will not actually save us from climate change or ecological collapse, but will act as an extension of the fossil fuel industry and the industrial complex that is killing the planet.

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