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BE READY! When the end of the world could come at any moment, you'll want a great bug-out vehicle

Nous Sommes Paris

I love Paris. Walking through the world’s most beautiful streets for the Climate Conference reminded me of why. To me and to so many, Paris...

Reporter’s Notebook: Inside the Brothels of Mumbai

I am seated cross-legged on a brothel floor on a hot April afternoon. The door is ajar. Just beyond it, a disheveled man in a...

The Synthetic Option

When human love disappoints, technology rolls out new options. A comics investigation into subculture.

Oliver Sacks: A Hero’s Journey

ZEITGEIST On a sunny day in an outdoor cafe in mid-August, I found myself thoroughly absorbed in Oliver Sacks's memoir, On the Move: A Life,...

Lucky Jews

Few Jews now live in Poland, but their existence as hand-carved miniatures rolls on. Erica Lehrer explores the cultural dimensions of these figurines.

The War at Home: Baltimore

A Maryland resident grapples with events in Baltimore, and the social and psychological toll of racism in America as it infiltrates both street and soul.

In Praise of Nothing

Eric LeMay's audio essay and video capture the joy of connecting to the places in the world where nothing is happening
A Sea of Type by Evan P. Cordes

Losing Translation to the Marketplace of Ideas

Something is keeping books from abroad scarce, even as the margins and flexibility afforded by e-books make publishing risks lower than they’ve ever been
ScreenShot of Dear Grace, and interactive poem.

Dear Grace: A Poem from the Department of Justice

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The Lost Hour

Each year we hand an hour over to the strange observance of Daylight Savings Time. Originally created to extend productivity for agricultural workers during...

Allen Ginsberg: An Encounter

When I interviewed Allen Ginsberg I said something right off that startled him, though what I said was simple and not raunchy in the least, as if raunchy would ever affront a poet who liked saying, "Why don't we get right down to the cunt of the matter?"