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Drunk and pensive, Chappy does not try and stop himself from calling his ex. Faced with her direct words, he looks, if only for a moment, at himself.
Stalking empty summer houses in Truro and Wellfleet was getting too strange. Today, he’d promised himself, was the last time
Leaf in Pool by Kim Manley Ort

By the Pool

Autumn was near over - not that it mattered. In the dull heat Lady let her feet swirl in the pool, sucking her red popsicle, waiting for something to happen. Her popped-out belly button slowly browned in the sunlight. The...
My thin, barren aunt had twins. God was working through her; God, with his sick sense of humor. They came out of her like fiends in a horror film


I know that on good nights they’ll drink a decent bottle of wine or two and sit on their kitchen counters and play Catchphrase. They’ll yell at each other with purple-teethed smiles and clap when someone has the insight...
It was a hot day and they drove out along the Ottauquechee, the two of them sitting up on the pollen-yellow roof of the Volvo with their legs through the sunroof, kicking the headrests and reaching out for tree...


It wasn’t until Claire Sinkler had hung up her coat, checked in with the receptionist, sat down with only a slight twinge in her knees, and settled herself with a six-month-old copy of People magazine, that she noticed Dr. Steven Fein, her gynecologist, sitting across from her in the Wellbridge Mammography waiting room.

The Memorialist

The heart-shaped pink granite headstone he had picked up south of Boston made it hard for Alex to sidle his pickup truck into a parking spot near his wife’s apartment.
It’s nearly 6:00 p.m., six hours before my thirtieth birthday. I’ve been running on the treadmill for about thirty-five minutes, having arrived here from school, grad school that is. Running is the thing I enjoy most when working out.