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“Find Everything You’re Looking For?”

Despite the naysayers among my family and friends, I decided to see what was happening in retail. I’d always wanted to sell things when I was a kid. Must be the money––people hand over money to the seller. Who wouldn’t want that?

Frozen 2 Is Even More Trans Than the First One

As of 2013, when it hit theaters, Frozen was the most trans movie ever. At least so it seemed to many trans girls (it...

There’s an App for That

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Going Back to Denmark: Landscape and Memory

1.   Denmark has a sense of smallness, of boundedness. That was my initial impression as an American returning to a childhood home after forty...

From the Editor: What We Are

On the Publication of Pangyrus Three No one knows, showing up on the shores of a strange country, clutching an address on an envelope, where...

Monster Love

  You sign a liability waver and pay your money--for the chance to walk down a hallway two feet wide and forty feet long, in...

“Screw the Pooch”: Pan-Cultural Advice

Dear Pan, I have two best friends, Ginny and Maria. We live in the same neighborhood. Our kids play together. Last Wednesday I happened to be...

Fern Gully

If, on a first and final return to your parents’ island as a unit, your family must choose between routes to Jamaica’s northern coast...

The Inaccessibility of the Lives of Others

Nobody has ever catcalled me.  God knows I’ve tried: short shorts, no top, the whole caboodle.  But however much I’m “asking for it,” it...

“Dear Pan: Dogged by an Ex”

Dear Pan:    I recently started dating a wonderful guy, 'Adam.'  Things are great--he's caring, loving, and we have a lot of fun together.  There's...
"Watching the Fire Burn" by Jonny Jelinek

Fire Fetched Down

Sometimes revelations provoked by a disaster can be even more devastating than the disaster itself.
A Sea of Type by Evan P. Cordes

Losing Translation to the Marketplace of Ideas

Something is keeping books from abroad scarce, even as the margins and flexibility afforded by e-books make publishing risks lower than they’ve ever been