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A Modest Proposal for The Greene New Deal for Education

Marjorie Taylor Greene now represents my home state of Georgia in the U.S. Congress. Unfortunately, radical far-left transgender communists in the Deep State have...

The School of Working Women: A Letter to My Mother

Dear Mom, Greetings from Seattle. It’s going on ten months without seeing you, but I swear I hear and smell you in the pre-lucid hours...

A Tricky Business

Teaching folks how to write fiction is a tricky—and relatively new—enterprise. You have to be coach, therapist, parent, and performer all at the same...

Zoom Rooms

Their Apologies I apologize for the inconvenience... I apologize for not emailing sooner... I apologize for missing class... I apologize my assignment is late... I...

Three Gazes of Attention

1. Native Habitat Inside this dark wood and glass café, at the table next to mine, I watch as the ESL student struggles in the...

In the Spring Light

At a charter school, a teacher reflects on the costs--and satisfactions--of commitment to a system meant to consume student and teacher alike.


In a post-Columbine, post-Virginia Tech urban classroom, a teacher asks, what are the costs of being afraid?
People visiting Walden Pond

The Tonic of Wildness

In which a teacher takes her urban high school students to the woods to front "only the essential facts of life."