The Lost Hour

Each year we hand an hour over to the strange observance of Daylight Savings Time. Originally created to extend productivity for agricultural workers during the dark, short days of winter, the ritual of Daylight Savings persists to the present day, wreaking havoc on our modern routines and REM sleep.

Created by award-winning filmmaker Bryan Papciak, this short film explores “The Lost Hour”, as part of The Challenge, a collaboration that includes Cacophony Society and Burning Man co-founder John Law. The Challenge asks contributors to envision where the hour goes and what’s inside, in a single take.

Bryan Papciak is an award-winning animator and filmmaker. He teaches at the Rhode Island School of Design and the Massachusetts College of Art, and is a regular contributor to the PBS programs Nova and American Experience. He is one of the founders of Handcranked Productions.

This film is reproduced courtesy of the artist, with thanks to The Challenge.

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