A Day In March, 2021

Such a windless day,
you lie on our driveway,
after sniffing on a forest trail.
I sit down, put you on my lap.
Your red curly coat glows;
your warmth penetrates my body.
Cheer up, sing the robins on a paulownia tree.

News breaks: Atlanta, gunshots at spas.
This time, Asian women in blood.
Will this soon be forgotten?
I feel the shadow of this country
under the free sun. It sinks behind pine trees.

The new neighbor crosses the street, surprises us
with a bouquet of pink and green chrysanthemums.



Click here to read Xiaoly Li on the origin of the poem.

Image:  “227/365+1 Chyrsanthemum (413)” by Dave Crosby, licensed under under CC 2.0.

Xiaoly Li:
Skyler is our pandemic puppy, who brings freshness and presence in this unusual time of our lives. He also enjoys his quiet time just feeling and watching. But the repose we feel has been shaken by the gun violence in the US, and the innocent bloodshed of people of all walks and colors. A man comes knocking on our door, with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He is masked as we are, and he looks like a new neighbor we only met once. This warmth and support touches us and confirms that love is stronger than hate.

Xiaoly Li
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