Curtains draping
over lungs
netting over
the tiny me
in my spine
and wet
like a funeral
but only stretched out unfurling into snake
swelling into netting
so large it chokes out the Earth
& like a stress ball
I squeeze it
till the ocean
runs down my palms
through my veins
as I turn inside
folding into myself
draping flannel
over my windows
& unfolding
into dollhouse
& I’m in
taking tiny bites
of a plastic pancake
until I can wake up.

Click here to read Gina Tron on the origin of the poem.


Image: “Untitled” by Radarxlove, licensed under CC 2.0.

Gina Tron:
I wrote “ball” after feeling like a ball of stress over the pandemic, just as the county I live in was going into lockdown. I kept waking up with the same sense of dread, which I can only compare to how I felt after someone I loved died. The difference, of course, was that these heavy feelings did not just pertain to me in my own bubble, they were connected to something on a world scale. The feeling was inescapable: When someone I loved died, I would go into the grocery store and the cashier would be oblivious to my struggles. Now everyone around me was sharing the same dread. That was a notion that was hard for me to process. Through writing this poem, I tried to articulate how this familiar feeling of grief was washing over me while acknowledging that it was related to something global.

Gina Tron
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  • Ball - February 26, 2021


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