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disperse you




trace me, trace me trace me back

until before you,


until before there was you–


forward until the after-effects of you wear off


how I never want you to be gone from me

I want a spell put on me–


to quietly disperse you across the field

of my existence


the way my mother’s ashes









From pilgrimage foliage







when we were


summer light

touched us

and our





Photo: Fading by redagainPatti; licensed under CC BY 2.0 Click here to read Lori Lubeski on the origin of the poem.

Lori Lubeski:
I would have to say that all of my writing is no more than a mere emotional expulsion.
I would have to say that I never have any idea what might occur when I begin to write.
I would have to say that I sometimes begin with a concept; in the case of this work, I found a paint sample strip in the hardware store which was called pilgrimage foliage, and I thought that was a beautiful name for a color (it was a shade of rust/brick) and also a perfect name for a poem
I wrote the title on the top of the page, and alas…

The poem disperse you followed a similar pattern; the concept here was the word Tourniquet and how a person could literally serve as an emotional tourniquet for another, stopping a dramatic bleed by simply listening and being there. The removal of the tourniquet would result in certain death, and the poem becomes an expression of an unbearable thought of an unbearable loss.

Lori Lubeski
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