Ghazal in the Year of Corona

What can I do to stay clear of Corona? How can I not draw too near to Corona?   Praying that someday we’ll all meet again And not lose the ones we hold dear to Corona.   My beloved Aunt Ida, one-hundred years old, Is swiftly swept into the sphere of Corona.   Hearing the news from the White House, I weep As that madman continues to sneer at Corona.   I open my front door, then step back inside Unable to conquer my fear of Corona.   The nurses, the doctors, the grocery clerks, So grateful for each pioneer of Corona.   Mouths hidden by masks below eyes full of fear, Such is the new atmosphere of Corona.   We greeted each other with kisses and hugs, That was before the premiere of Corona.   A friend becomes ill, though she’s hardly left home, You think you’re immune? is the jeer of Corona.   Look Ma, No Mask, reads a protestor’s sign, Refusing to put on the gear of Corona.   A patient feels better, the next day he’s dead, Pierced through the heart by the spear of Corona.   Weeks after she’s well, she is still short of … Continue reading Ghazal in the Year of Corona