I Quit Talking About It Years Ago So It’s Only Cliché If I Overuse It

I’m digesting a change,
++++++resuscitating hope. Tattoed Love across my body
to invoke what it flames for.
++++++++++++Too often I’ve crawled naked for love,
++++++called upon God to slaughter my desire
when love was invisible but not extinct.
++++++I want a future union that’s ocean heavy,
++++++++++++a graphene bond coated in grace.
++++++The waiting crawls through my organs.
and I wake up boxing for love.
++++++I would trade the colossal home I built for me and my future love
++++++++++++for a straitjacket to bind my needs.
++++++I even paid tithes to the wind to blow love
++++++++++++on my path, all to watch the payoff show up
on other’s doorsteps. I resurrect what I bury, asking
++++++for a love, unveiled, that looks
++++++++++++like a door to a galaxy of daffodils.



Click here to read Oak Morse on the origin of the poem.

Image: photo by Jessica Fadel on Unsplash, licensed under CC 2.0.

Oak Morse:
This poem went through multiple revisions and title changes. The foundation of this poem started back in a Speakeasy workshop I was a part of, led by the wonderful Luther Hughes. We were instructed to write an eight-line impactful poem; so I knew each line had to do a lot of work. The poem had strong lines but ultimately fell flat; I let it collect dust until a year later in grad school. By that time, I had experienced more loneliness and longing to add to it, so I could really illustrate how I was feeling. A poem that I thought was meant for myself, a beta-reader said about, “no this is meant for the world,” and here we are!

Oak Morse


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