Life Among Reproductions

               You are no better than the world
you live in / is what I sing to you tonight //
Don’t take it personally // You will find
love someday / seething screenface to
seething screenface / we sit with each other
/ far away / together / in the mist of our
mutual losses / ash-tagged & caked in
aspartame / our seditious hearts rung up on
rhabdo & rail margaritas / keychained to
the luckless paws of rabbits frozen to death
beneath the downspouts of our debased
country // Ready or not / our home has
nowhere left to live // All the streets here
have patriotic names // We prowl the edges
of our preserve / baby lions / dreaming of
bloody muzzles while we wait for our jaws
to react / long after the zebra has fled //



Image: “Born on Flag Day” by Chris Moss, licensed under CC 2.0

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