++++++I feel adhesives
from monitor tape’s
++++++adhered unabating
to five regions
++++++on my torso
auditing my breath
++++++the nasal gastric tube
ghosting weight
++++++off my nose
still lingering
++++++feeling, my body
dubious expiated junctures
++++++from body spliced
puzzle placement
++++++the blood splashes
from IV pricks
++++++imprecisely piloted
I feel voices
++++++discussing outside
my bedspace
++++++the numbness
from the IV
++++++alignment silencing
the nerve
++++++making fingers frigid
or maybe it’s my hands
++++++laid on my stomach
the clicks still echoing
++++++with each staple pricking
clasping my stomach secure
++++++The moans ring out
of those beyond the curtains
++++++abreast me
the one with memory
++++++dancing in a field
the needle I place in my stomach
++++++to keep my blood thin
the hearts of those
++++++surveilling me
lacerated on a table
++++++not all things
contrived are idyllic
++++++though once cut, I
would never be the same.

Image: by Piron Guillaume on Unsplash, licensed under CC 2.0.

Mervyn Seivwright:
I wrote this poem, “Residue,” after going through surgery, the day I arrived home after six days in intensive care. I wanted the poem to address the seen and ghost feelings which cloaked me for days and weeks after as a shadow. The form of the poem is a zipper, the image of the staples on the large incision I had. I am not a major fan of concrete poems, but I feel this was accomplished in a soft way. The limited punctuation reflects the constant river of thoughts, undercurrents pulling in different directions. I searched for popping word sounds series to align with the short lines. I chose a craft of consonant and assonant pairings. This is one poem in a series, chapbook, I am writing about the fragility of getting older and having medical procedures, the unknown things occurring inside the body that leave us vulnerable. I do understand this is a subject of taboo, bringing fear for many to speak about but it was important for me to craft my reflection in this season.

Mervyn Seivwright
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