By Andrew Malone

Your tongue is lightweight

Like ceramic tiles

While you lick

Your lover in order to

Build a saliva-based


You may be Shane

Henrik, Australian,

Architect, building

Your cubistic blocks

But Picasso beats

You to it without

Resorting to enzyme

Lubrication, bacterial

Decay or mucosal

Refusal, and the

Submandibular Gland is

Simply a glance away

Click here to read Vi Khi Nao on the origin of the poem.

Vi Khi Nao: I was watching some random cooking show and I was doing research on architecture buildings for my novel. I was also designing the floor plans for my protagonists. As I gazed back and forth between the structure of food and the cubistic building, my mouth was salivating and the poem, like the etymology of beauty, arrived to my consciousness not frame by frame but by one literary ceramic tile after the other. This was how this poem was composed. My tongue was behaving quite unlike itself – not humanly – but architecturally. And, this translates itself into another literary engine of existence, which is what the archi-etymological presence of this poem seems to drive its world on.

Photo “Guitar cameratoss” by Andrew Malone; licensed under CC BY 2.0

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