Scaling Radnor Lake

The first time I saw it I knew myself,

a bluegill skimming limestone and silt,

moody as elegy. I dredge the lake, sift

memory for the overture, the shoal and shelf

of Radnor — no sign of introduction, as if

we were never not acquainted, no hint

of the boots I must have doffed, hurried footprints,

mud, pondweed, the deep wading in.

Sequestered from the city, this refuge is rhythm-

kinship: larkspur, yarrow, and phlox, otter

and owl, heron’s hush, ostinato of water

and bank, turtle’s groan, dragonfly’s thrum.

A fusty bluegill feeding, resting in shale

and muck, the trebled wind, glissando of scales.



Image: Bluegill, by Melissa McMasters licensed under CC 2.0.

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