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Home Print Edition Pangyrus 10: “Where We Dwell”

Pangyrus 10: “Where We Dwell”




Coming Back by Andrea Cohen
A Birder’s Eye by Nancy Huggett 
Mum’s Dog by James Burke 
Volcano by Jeffrey Perkins
Held by Sarah C. Baldwin 
In the afterlife from a distant forest by Vivian Eyre
Holobiont by Ann Stout
An Absence in the Air by Kelly Hevel 
Plans by Amy Glynn 
Surfeit by DeMisty D. Bellinger 
Autumn’s Bones by Sage Ravenwood
Jaguar by Beto Caradepiedra 
Lobo by Deborah Leipziger 
Fledged by Diana Renn
In Defense of Trans Childhood by Taylor Sprague 
valentines day by Serina Gousby 
Man and Sky in Daytime by CB Anderson 
For Lucie in Dr. Scholl’s Sandals by David Blair
Chapter Five: [How to Survive Deadly Diseases] by Carrie Bennett
Hiking Boots by Rebecca Watkins
Did You See an Asian Man Hiking in the Woods? by Allen Gee 
The Mighty Mississippi, August 29, 2021 by Pamela Wax 
Kingwood, West Virginia by Dorothy Shubow Nelson
Playing Chicken by Scott Gould 
Soap by Kathryn O’Day
Grateful Criss-Cross by Chime Lama
Mosaic by Leah Rubin-Cadrain 
Bloodlines by Spencer Brown 
At the Riverbank, There is a Half-Drowned Body by Andiver Castellanos
A Final Wave by Nancy Isaac 
El Rincón de Recuerdo by Judy Bolton-Fasman
Resilience I by Brandel France de Bravo 
Somatic Code by Karen Paul 
Baking Weather by Mary Elizabeth Birnbaum
Swimming Lessons by Kim Steutermann Rogers
The Nganga Solution by Spencer Harrington
When by Joshua Jones 
Dead Animals by Arielle Kaplan
Nature is Healing by Ashley Trebisacci 
About the rest, there’s not much to say— by Peter Grandbois 
Kinship of Smoke and Flow by Michael Walsh


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