A Many-Splendored Thing: Valentine’s Day Selections from Pangyrus

To celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021, PANGYRUS offers a round-up of pieces from our archives about love in its many forms: loves we hold close, loves long lost, straight love, queer love, self-love, and more.

In this time of fewer embraces, we need to hold good writing just a little longer and a little tighter. Consider these tender, funny, startling, aching pieces as our version of a heart-shaped box of chocolates to you, our readers. Enjoy.

1“Pastoral” By Kiki Petrosino

Estuary-feet by Andy Hay

Where did it start? In a city of gardens & muck.

2“Appetite” by Kat Read

My husband Will told me that he once stood at the kitchen sink to eat a pig’s foot.

3“The Way Things Are” by Susan Volchok

… And, in the spring— as soon as possible, when the ground was just warming…

4“Volcano” by Jeffrey Perkins

Roman is running the LA marathon.

5“Love Letters 1918” by Olive Malcolm

Dearest Olive:
Once more I am going to the country club with…

6“Into Love” by Nadia Colburn

Every kiss that was ever kissed—

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