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After my mother’s death, my sisters and brother and I embarked on a task familiar to many adult children: clearing out our childhood home....

Can Your House Kill You?

I squeezed past Maya and closed my office door behind her, shutting out the last rays of natural light. Under the cool fluorescents, she...


This series explores real and imagined customs and superstitions.     For more Folklore, visit Lindsey Leigh Art.


Robert’s black hi-top fade has been dyed blue this week, and after I teach the prompt to prepare these third and fourth graders to write poems on constellations they’ve created by connecting the...

Ask Annie: Truth or Fiction?

Anne Bernays has been a mainstay of Pangyrus since our launch–and a mainstay of fiction and non-fiction writing for decades.  Co-author of What If?, one of...

Normal People and the Intimate Problem of Patriarchy

I avoided Normal People for as long as I could. I didn’t have a Hulu subscription and, having read neither Sally Rooney’s book nor...

You Are Here

I am nearing the half-century mark, and the veins and capillaries of my body are breaching. As the bodies of my daughters, smooth and fresh,...

Leave Me Alone


My Endgame

A Murmuration of Stones

A Place of Dangerous Beasts

Phinn took a sip of rye. He wasn’t inclined toward hard spirits but he hoped it would quiet his thoughts, blunt his worries. He...

The Cremains


Mum’s Dog


Summer in Chicago. Day five with the cousins. You are with your sister at a different lake. When you come home we will divorce. We have not told...

Greylock Glen


A Theory of Falling



Dear Pan: Coronavirus Spoil Sport

We love advice columns.  But so much of what passes for advice is really the conventional wisdom of one particular culture, at one moment...

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