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    Ventilator Moon

    A streamlet of breath trickles into shuddering pink caves. Adjust the settings: percent oxygen, breaths per minute, tidal volume. Perhaps tidal volume charts the moon’s pull in anxious ...

    On October 15, 2020 / By
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    the creative gene

    my mother says she has started to see things at the edge of her vision: mice, flies, general disturbers of her immaculate and germ-free peace. she has always ...

    On October 8, 2020 / By
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    Glimmer on the sidewalk August grit smells of old hotdog water pigeons bathing in fountains children running into fountains shimmying up fire-escapes and this whole damn apple wavy ...

    On October 1, 2020 / By

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    The Cowboy Channel

    The men focus on their poker hands and their glasses of whiskey, preoccupied, as if the saloon is their shared workspace. No one looks up when the new ...

    On September 27, 2020 / By
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    Simple Math

    The bruised red pickup from the last three weeks meanders up alongside the pumps where I’m stacking oil cans and dodging the night’s slow-moving moths. There’s a chill ...

    On September 24, 2020 / By
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    Pandemic Story Problems

    1. Mariah gets a temporary job that pays her $1 on Day One. On the second day, her pay is doubled to 2 dollars. Her daily wage doubles ...

    On September 8, 2020 / By

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