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Redeem Your Zoom Passover: Open the Kitchen Door

A Passover Seder is a festival of guests. It’s a gathering of extended family, a circling of friends to re-tell the story of the...


King of neither plant nor animal but of mornings after rain / / ghost sprung in the gloaming a memory of betweenness / / arisen in the dark and...

COVID Diaries

A comics glimpse into a year like no other

What I Learned When I Recreated the Famous ‘Doll Test’ that Looked at How Black Kids See Race

After hearing about the Clarks' "Doll Test" in undergraduate school, I became interested in studying racial identity development. In the "Doll Test", the married...

Ask Annie: Truth or Fiction?

Anne Bernays has been a mainstay of Pangyrus since our launch–and a mainstay of fiction and non-fiction writing for decades.  Co-author of What If?, one of...

Normal People and the Intimate Problem of Patriarchy

I avoided Normal People for as long as I could. I didn’t have a Hulu subscription and, having read neither Sally Rooney’s book nor...

Me, My Father, and The Persian Rug

I was at my sister’s house and received two phone calls from my father urging me to come right away. My chest was warm...

White Hair

Letter to the Future

Alien Stories: A Story & Interview with E.C. Osondu

Pangyrus is delighted to feature both a story by the esteemed author E.C. Osondu and a video interview that the author had with Pangyrus...

Flower Eyes

The Diversion


The Cowboy Channel

Insurrection, January 6, 2021

The god of destruction has finally chosen the time to reveal himself in his vast formless Picassian glory. He treads horned and naked through the elegant...


Dear Pan: Coronavirus Spoil Sport

We love advice columns.  But so much of what passes for advice is really the conventional wisdom of one particular culture, at one moment...

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