Our Snail Mail Lady

In the doldrum days of shelter-in-place, our mail carrier Peaches was our butterfly. She flitted from house to house delivering good cheer along with our letters and packages; even making us happy to get junk mail. As we watched from our windows, her warm smile and friendly wave connected us like nectar.

With her collection of festive hats, her sunny smile, red lipstick, and cat-eye sunglasses, Peaches brought glamor and fun to our otherwise ditto days.

The kids had a crush on her.

“Hi Peaches,” they’d call.

Before lockdown, most of us never even knew who brought our mail. It was just there in the box when we got home.

We wanted to thank Peaches, but how and when?

We decided to make cards.

The kids created masterpieces with hearts and stars and flowers. One strung a bracelet with beads spelling P-e-a-c-h-e-s.

Word went out by text.

Tomorrow! Put your cards out early!

The next morning we peeked up and down the street. Colorful envelopes adorned every mailbox.

Excitement mounted.

But then the text storm began.

Where’s Peaches?

I don’t see her!

It’s not Peaches! It’s a guy!

Quick, bring your cards in.

Too late, ours is already picked up.

Ours is gone too.

Where’d he go?

Oh no, it’s ruined.

Disappointment started to take hold.

Wait! It looks like Patti found him.

Luckily Sean, who was subbing for Peaches, was already taking good care of our cards. As he picked up the rest, he assured us she would receive them all.

“I’ll make sure Peaches gets these. They’re awesome. She hurt her knee, and this will make her so happy!”

Two mornings later we found bright pink envelopes in our mailboxes, each adorned with a unique commemorative stamp: Sarah Vaughn, Johnny Cash, Mr. Rogers.

Inside was a card with a charmingly hand-painted lady snail carrying packages and letters on her whimsical spiraling body. She had a red bow in her antenna, a cheerful smile, and rosy red cheeks.

On the back was a handwritten note,

“I heart being your Snail Mail Lady!”

Signed, Peaches.


Image: “Someone loves to get mail” by Judy Gallagher, licensed under CC 2.0.

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