Photo by Daniela Vladimirova

My hairstylist says
she loves Las Vegas
because it’s covered
in rhinestones.
I love rhinoceroses.
They are my favorite
odd-toed ungulates.
When rhinoceroses
get together
it is called a crash.
I would like
to get together
with others
of my kind
and call it cash.
Sandy nods.
Megafauna she says
can range
from large
animals to animals
that are large
compared to others
in their species
like Justin Beiber.
She taps his poster
forehead on the wall.
He had his horn removed.
He is related
to the dragonfly.
She runs the crotch
of the scissors
along the hair
at the side of my face.
The cold metal
grazes my cheek.
Have you ever heard
a lobster scream
in a pot of boiling water?
Have you ever seen
a dragonfly
eat a butterfly?
Marilyn Monroe’s eyes google.
I throw my two cents
into the bag
bulging with kittens.
Dragonflies have multifaceted
eyes all over their head
and six legs but they can’t walk well.
She grasps my head
with both hands.
She scratches my scalp
better than
one of those head
massagers you can buy
at a stall in the mall.
They look like big copper spiders,
you know?
I know.


Photo “Weirdo-hairdo” by Daniela Vladimirova ; licensed under CC BY 2.0

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