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for Bree Cameron In the Year and Era of Our Quarantine  Your tears wander the vacant streets at night, One fluvial wet footstep at a time Desolate  & ...

Song at the End of the Mind

I think of you as a radio frequency— sometimes hard to find   as I touch the illuminated dial. But tonight you arrive   murmuring into my ear in halfsleep;   you...

Intensive Care

No figures here but pulse, breath and pressure; no metonymy of fate but a real hand cold upon a real sheet. What could any actor speak more...

Clueless Jogger Manifesto in the Age of Social Distancing

I am a jogger, an outside-only jogger. Outside I am moving so quickly that I cannot calculate six feet between myself and slowpokes who walk. I keep moving. I am a moving missile, rocket flying horizontal.

I’m Trying to be a Person

I’m Trying to be a Person on whom nothing is lost. I have ruined several custards with scalding impatience.             Not...

“Find Everything You’re Looking For?”

Despite the naysayers among my family and friends, I decided to see what was happening in retail. I’d always wanted to sell things when I was a kid. Must be the money––people hand over money to the seller. Who wouldn’t want that?


God, You carry this device in my chest called   love &  I - a child of  infertility - choose you to  sterilize  the left testicle  of ...