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Nous Sommes Paris

I love Paris. Walking through the world’s most beautiful streets for the Climate Conference reminded me of why. To me and to so many, Paris...

Reporter’s Notebook: Inside the Brothels of Mumbai

I am seated cross-legged on a brothel floor on a hot April afternoon. The door is ajar. Just beyond it, a disheveled man in a...

Congo: the Story of One Family’s Endurance

The tragedies in the Congo brought to focus in the most personal, human way
Layers of Reflection Photo by Esther Weeks

Views of Boston

A fastidiously detailed portrait of Boston and the city's striking cultural differences to urban life in the author's home country, Japan


Through descriptions of traditionally western meals transformed by a strong Japanese touch, culinary connoisseurs Gus Rancatore and Corky White give insight into a distinctly Japanese way of life.

Lucky Jews

Few Jews now live in Poland, but their existence as hand-carved miniatures rolls on. Erica Lehrer explores the cultural dimensions of these figurines.
Man with Kavadi. Photo by Jerome Lim

Living with Pain: The Desert Fathers and Mothers, the...

In Singapore my husband and I took our children to Thaipusam, a Tamil religious festival. Hindu penitents carry milk jugs, impale themselves with fishhooks,...

Holy Family Holds the Line

In which the Sisters of Mercy square off against Eddie, Fisher of Rats, with the sanctity of New Bedford 's schoolchildren at stake. A memoir.

New England February

This is the month that tests the hidden frameworks of things: the studs within the walls of home and body—both of which, you suspect, are now becoming...

Interlude: Yemen

It’s Thursday in Old Sana’a, and the call to prayer has yet to rush anyone home. Our motley tourist troupe – Egyptian, Brazilian, Canadian, American...

The Triumph of the Yoginis

When I came to India, I found that there are millions of ways to approach the divine. Many homes have their own devotional altar....
Basketball by Nicu Buculei

High Street Park: The Kindness of Boys

Two blocks from my house, tucked behind the homeless shelter, is High Street Park. It’s an urban playground, with a typical, modest assortment of...