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Allen Ginsberg: An Encounter

When I interviewed Allen Ginsberg I said something right off that startled him, though what I said was simple and not raunchy in the least, as if raunchy would ever affront a poet who liked saying, "Why don't we get right down to the cunt of the matter?"
Office chair in field

Away from my Dream Desk

The machine powers up bad. Time to grow summer, hours of green and forgetting.

Crime Shows

I watch crime shows from Norway and Sweden. Wallander and Salamander and others with names I can’t pronounce. I watch crime shows from England with American actors. There are guys who hang out in dark corners and women police detectives who talk about one night stands and hang out in closets.
Photo: “Lone Tree”

The Pain Scale

Today is a good day so I can offer or try to offer connective parts like connective tissue, invisible: what extends between us. So it isn’t so much offering as pointing out: we are connected by invisible tissue.