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labyrinthine circuit board lines

Your Beautiful Robot Face!

A playful yet poignant poem from a dystopian future. In Dustin Luke Nelson's world, robots have replaced humans but live indistinguishably from their organic predecessors

Allegheny Cemetery Day in Winter

The world of "Allegheny Cemetery Day in Winter" is compelling and haunting. A poem by David Blair.

Demolition Trio

Beautiful, pain-laced daily observations by poet Zach Savich during his battle with cancer.

Benign Indignities

Let the waves wash behind you and watch beautiful natural images as Kim Stafford reads aloud in this fusion of word, image, and tune:


Poetry, David Rivard says, comes from "some part of me that wants to be awake—and that I would like to have be as awake as possible."
James Whitesmith


The moment you fall for someone fully, body, mind and soul, knowing from the start you can’t have them, but letting yourself experience a shameless, all-consuming desire
Image by Stephanie Sicore


In the split between two boulders behind the blue and orange playground, the children are building nests for when the hurricane comes
ScreenShot of Dear Grace, and interactive poem.

Dear Grace: A Poem from the Department of Justice

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Waxing over a Sea of Clouds by Carl Milner


To feel fully engulfed in the magical, raw nature of place, of strange polyphonic songs, of pigs and cows and chickens and giant puppets in the barns
Estuary-feet by Andy Hay


Where did it start? In a city of gardens & muck. When I held someone close, in watery light. We drank & I bled all...
The Pianist by Xavier Ceccaldi

A Borrowed Copy of Ben Fountain’s Brief Encounters

A flutter in the governing hand, and an eleventh finger extending from the other, uncovering an upper register, automatic and after, apex plus, A flat, A...

Young Man Afraid of His Horses

What will keep you from telling it to everyone. What will prevent you from perpetual disclosure: shame or privacy—words or the sense that once said...