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Nous Sommes Paris

I love Paris. Walking through the world’s most beautiful streets for the Climate Conference reminded me of why. To me and to so many, Paris...

Reporter’s Notebook: Inside the Brothels of Mumbai

I am seated cross-legged on a brothel floor on a hot April afternoon. The door is ajar. Just beyond it, a disheveled man in a...

Congo: the Story of One Family’s Endurance

The tragedies in the Congo brought to focus in the most personal, human way

Goodbye Climate Change, Goodbye Global Poverty?

A political agenda for dealing humanely with climate change will have to come from the Global South

Interlude: Yemen

It’s Thursday in Old Sana’a, and the call to prayer has yet to rush anyone home. Our motley tourist troupe – Egyptian, Brazilian, Canadian, American...
Bethesda Fountain

Coming of AIDS

Dedicated to every angel in America—then and now. Coming of age, as I did, during the 1980s meant that I came of age in the...

An End to Impunity? Protests and Hope for Mexico

MEXICO CITY – I have covered many massacres, witnessed too much bloodshed, so many that the latest killings should not have come as a...

The Case for Wikipedia

Last weekend as Harvard prepared to take on Yale for Ivy League football bragging rights, a “Yale cites Wikipedia” poster flashed on College GameDay....

Timeout on the Winter Olympics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has a problem. With Stockholm, Krakow, Lviv, and now Oslo pulling out of the running to host the 2022...

Poverty is not a Culture

Sendhil Mullainathan had studied poverty for years, and something haunted him in nearly every study. Born into a small rural village in India, the Harvard behavioral economist and winner of the MacArthur Fellowship—commonly known as a “genius grant”—was inherently skeptical of the narrative that the poor somehow deserve their lot due to a lack of discipline.

City of Widows

In the month of July, when both heat and humidity are at their peak in the holy city of Vrindavan in north India, thousands of devotees stream in to offer prayers to their Lord Krishna on a day that is among the most auspicious in the year.